I don’t go thru ppls pictures on their phone cause I wasn’t raised in the jungle

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So basically deport you? Your racist by type casting "white people" white people speak all languages, and whatever your speak not all black people, Indian people or Chinese people speak you mean to say "non bilingual people" being white has nothing to do with shit

No , white people . Bye Felicia


I believe that when you’ve got the deen in your heart, the matters of this world are no longer a worry. You’ve gained the pleasure of Allah (SWT) and what awaits you in the hereafter has gotto be far more rewarding than the temporary pleasures you once yearned for in this dunya.

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On Relationships

There are some women that Allah has made more delicate than rose petals. More fragile than crystal. More loving and caring than a man could ever fathom. The man neglects her, flirts with other women, and takes all of her gestures for granted. Brothers, if Allah has blessed you…

"Don’t go into a marriage in search of happiness. Marriage isn’t the place to find happiness. Marriage is struggles and hardship and difficulties, and that is why it is a great blessing and one the greatest trials, for it is through struggle that we become stronger, wiser, and closer to Allah Azza wajal. So don’t go into marriage hoping to find happiness; go into marriage with the understanding that there will be fights, and temper, and the greatest test of your patience- all for the purpose of improving you as a Muslim. And that goal never has an easy path."

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